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a scandal After shaking the cosmetics and hygiene products industry documents that check Existence Among the babies that are used to make powder.

According to Reuters news agency, according to some documents, from 1971 to 2000, Johnson & Johnson's baby child he gave Positive in small quantities of asbestosIt is a mineral that is used as an industrialization isolation what does cancer look like?

An investigation by the United States agency has also been revealed Johnson & Johnson's director, director, scientist, physician, and lawyer look after the problem and how to fix it, though They did not report regulatory bodies or the public.

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The rumble of toxic dust pumps began later The series of demands for cosmetics companies, more than 6 thousand cases confirming that her product produces different types of cancers Your ovarian tumors.

In spite of legal lawsuits, J & J has provided reports confidentially, allowing public eye information to be protected. The company and the external laboratories have asbestos "fiber forms" and "bars", asbestos busy.

A few months ago, the United States's highest health authority (FDA) examined the presence of asbestos in non-product samples. However, the jury of Missouri did not allow July and July $ 4.96 million to be paid by 22 women and their families, after being responsible for the use of the baby's product.

from one Johnson & Johnson They certify the "suggestion" of the company "Knowing or hiding talcum security information is fake".

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