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The canteen has found luxurious cells in the Colina 2 national modules


gendarmerie Several luxurious cells were discovered in a Special Forces Procedure within the Colon 2 Prison Concert Center module, where imprisoned prisoners condemned for reasons of traffic were imprisoned.

According to Mercurio, the first surprise of the civil servants was to find closed and consolidated cells from the inside. They were the heads of gang gangs.

When they were able to get in, the jandarmers found fridges with primary flesh. 42-inch TVs, frigobars or even refrigerators. Other details: some dunks covered floors and roofs or ceramic walls. Others have the luxury of having vegetable gardens and marijuana plants.

According to the publication, in this module, characters from drug trafficking groups led by the owners were serving. Me too Cupertino AndaurAfter his death in 1991, he was sentenced to life imprisonment after his death sentence. A baby died in 1991 Inside, he had a washing machine for prisoners.

"I want to get the responsibility of controlling. In these cases, we have the powers that we will implement, depending on the date entered by these species (refrigerators, flat screens, refrigerators …). They could not be accessed by an authorized sub-official, but their residence. This is what we are breaking today, "said Christian Alveal, chief engineer.

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