Monday , May 29 2023

The causes of unemployment in Chile


Is the number good or bad? Here are the keys to the decision …

Currently, the National Statistics Institute (INE) released the national unemployment rate for the month of August and October, with 7.1%. Is the number good or bad? Here are the keys to deciding:

1. The whole unemployment goes up

– At 7.1% in the quartered quarter, the forecast for the previous quarter decreased by 0.4 percentage points with respect to the same period of 2017.

– Female unemployment around 7%. A year-on-year increase is notable in the case of male unemployment, from 6.3% to 6.9%, rising from 7.3% to 7.4% in females.

– Unemployment rose by 6.4%, unemployed people (6.0%) and those who worked for the first time (10.6%).

2. It still lacks the flight

– Works increased by 1.4%, which indicates a 0.9% acceleration in July and September, but less than a year ago of 2.3%.

– Employees show similar dynamics. They grow 1%, have equivalent to 83,660 people, above the previous 0.5%, but lower than the 1.9% of twelve months ago. Increase in construction (4.0%), accommodation and meals (6.6%) and education (3.0%) driven by the sector.

– Workforce salaried employment improved by 1.5%, the previous quarter and 72,120 people, and the public had a rate of 2.7% than in the previous quarter. In general, one year before, the salaried workers rose by 0.8%, a large part of the public sector.

3. Better quality employment

– Self-employment adjustments continue to fall: they dropped by 0.2% compared to the 4.8% growth of one year ago. It is a type of profession that has less social protection.

– Volunteers increased part-time workers by 8.8%, driven by private salaried workers and by trade, agriculture and fishing. As a counterpart, the unwanted delay is 4.2%.

4. The North takes the worst

Unemployment has risen to nine regions: seven 7.1%, five have decreased and remained in Aysen. Tarapacá exceeds 8% in the north, Antofagasta and Atacamán. O & # 39; Higgins also joins the 8% club.

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