Tuesday , January 18 2022

The Chilean dollar today


Positive data published by Imacec today also accepts US amortization of currency in the country.

The excitement of the new approach between China and the United States, while being sealed with a Beijing summit, while the stock markets are disappearing, prices continue to rise in the new world. In this sense, the Chilean peso saw a boost in the day of Monday.

At the end of the trading day, The exchange rate was $ 680.1, which is a decrease of 2.4 dollars Friday's price.

In this way, local exchanges are fully aligned with what's happening in the country.

At this time, the US dollar's international price, measured against the Dollar Index, contrasts with a world basket of currencies, down 0.47% at a low 17-week low.

At the same time, the world's leading currencies are blocks, with few exceptions.

These movements are taking place in a context of addressing hunger risks when discussing their trade relations, when China and US governments are sitting down at the table, last week.

Since the commercial warfare was one of the main pressure points in the last 12 months of active assets, this segment of approach between Washington and Beijing would benefit.

In addition, a local factor that claimed a national currency was backed up: the figure of Imacec in Chile was published, and it was surprised, reinforcing the idea of ​​a 4% increase over the last year.

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