Monday , May 29 2023

The Chilean dollar today


The exchange rate ended at $ 672.8, which represents an increase of $ 3.3 a year compared to the price.

After a sharp decline recorded yesterday, the Chilean dollar registered a rebound, and investors will be meeting in China this week with the leaders of China and the United States.

Exchange rate It ended at $ 672.8, which represents a rise of $ 3.3 a year compared to the price.

In this way, the local exchange market is in line with what is happening abroad. And, in addition, mentioning the national currency of the United States – measured by the Dollar Index, contrasting with a basket of currencies – has fallen by 0.43% after the fall of two days.

In this context, after generalizing profits that were experienced yesterday in that active class, emerging currencies directed the blocks at this time. With few exceptions, the main segment currencies are losing ground against the dollar.

Obviously, all the eyes on the market reveal that this event will be held by the Chinese presidents of the United States, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping this weekend.

The commercial market with active risks in the 2018 road, in the G-20, will meet in Buenos Aires, and market agents will be waiting for commercial announcement.

The anticipated instances argue that the rise in the conflict rate between the two countries with the two largest economies in the world is likely to be a new impulse. On the contrary, the signals of a troop create new spaces for new currencies.

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