Monday , October 25 2021

The Chilean dollar today


The exchange rate ended the fourth consecutive quarter of profits with the metal caused by the Chinese economy.

While the dollar's international prices were stable, the national exchange rate increased the price of copper prices and, in general, the decline in Latin American currency.

At the end of the trading day, the dollar was within the US $ 689.1 local market, with an increase of 2.4 days compared to the previous day.

In this way, the currency exchange marked the fourth day rise and the maximum value per month.

At this time, the international benchmark of the benchmark, measured according to the dollar index, contrasts with a basket of currencies, has a slight fall of 0.05% and falls on its second day. The main emerging currencies show a mixed behavior.

In Latin America, in particular, the currencies of major regional economies are the block.

According to the operators, the key to rising exchange rate would be the national currency dancing partner: copper.

Metal Comex's future metal prices dropped 2.5% and spot price dropped 0.86% at London's Metal Exchange at £ 2,7411, according to Cochilco data. Chinese investor after disappointing after President Xi Jinping.

The Lehendakari affirmed that today he has announced further economic economic stimuli in his speech, but he did not re-market the concerns as the main consumer of the metal world around the Asian economy.

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