Friday , October 18 2019
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The Chilean dollar today

Powell's words once again reconfigured the rate-of-career expectations, opened the exchange rate to $ 6.

The President of the Federal Reserve of the United States held a conference yesterday that the expectations of the rise in the market yesterday diminished, and immediately reduced to the world by the dollar. But that happened yesterday after the closing of the exchange market, the local exchange rate was catching up at its inauguration.

In the first day operations, The Chilean dollar is $ 669.3, which represents a reduction of $ 6.2 per hour on the price.

The key, according to market agents, is the comments made by Fed chief Jerome Powell yesterday. During the speech with suspect investors, the official said the rate is close to the neutral level, which makes it clear that the US central banks can break a currency normalization process.

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This created a boom this morning in new currencies, where the majority made use of the dollar. It should be remembered that this class of assets has been in trouble over the years, as the Fed raised its rate higher than expected in 2017 in the first months of the aggressive agenda.

By default, the global price of greenhouses, measured through the Dollar Index, contrasts with a currency basket, yesterday after falling into the words of Poweller.

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