Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Chilean rider is in the middle of the Dakar controversy after a serious complaint

Dakar in 2019, which is fully implemented in the Peruvian soil, has been in a far-off debate. Possible escape routes days before officially known.

The accusation reported by El Mercurio is a pilot from Boris Garafulic, who has questioned: "Some pilots They got more information about this second stage, and it's easy to realize because the speeds are very different. Some went very fast, "he said.

The words of national credit recovered Spanish Laia Sanz, and in the middle they said: "If it were true, it would be very bad. We all know that these things happened In Dakar, so I'm not surprised. "

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It should be pointed out that this situation is added to another incident in the third phase of the San Juan de Marcona and Arequipa peoples, in several pilots Many bugs have been found on the roadmapThe situation used by Pablo Quintanilla Chile, one of the lines that can be drawn.

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