Sunday , May 9 2021

The Chilean stock market is longer than 2015

The optimism registered in the international markets for the week contributed to local actions that generated 3.23% earnings a week.

We did not have a half-month in 2019, but for the time being, in January, Santiago Boli is sitting on the stock exchange. And, in general, the global market in the world after the turbulence of 2018, a local parcel is the star of the winners, while others recover the successful roles.

At the end of the wheel-drive operations, the S & P / CLX IPSA benchmark index rose by 1.1% yesterday, with 5355.98 points. Thus, the selective one adds a profit 3.23% per week.

Currently, the main rise and stock market 11 day progress daysSince March 2015, it is the longest tide.

Volume nationwide has approved a better environment around the world for active risks this week as far as trade war between the United States and China and the Federal Reserve (Fed) moderate war. North American growth rate.

In this context, the risk of investor's recovery has been recovered, and the rising prices of emerging currencies, freight and stock markets.

In addition, the largest contingency in the region's market is added: Brazil, whose command change At least once a month, he has given another opportunity to boost Latin American exchanges.

"The national stock exchange is mainly promoted by Brazilians in the elections," explained Alexis Osses, senior strategist at the BCI Corredores de Bolsa, in information pack.

This has benefited greatly, he said, the roles of the companies that have suffered the country. "Latam and Enel Americas explain most of IPSA's rise in January," he said.

The biggest winners of the week

The IPSA companies registered 7% increase per week and the Chilean companies showed the right moment in the stock market.

First, Latam Airlines is and the analyst continues It's a great exposure to the Brazilian marketIn an environment that reverses the assets associated with the country's investors, Waiter waits foreseen waiting expectations to mitigate the economic situations predicted by President Jair Bolsonaro. Paper rose by 7.38% a week.

Empresas Copec continues the estimation of 7.29% after declining more than 7% in December Cellulose is afraid of following the downward trend of other commodities; and then there is a series of SQM B, that is to say, a yearly discovery of less than a year, by questioning the prices of lithium.

The grand prix of the winners is Cencosud, which has grown 7.10% and is influenced not only in the Brazilian market but also in the market.

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