Tuesday , May 18 2021

The comedian "MCC" celebrated two months of Instagram's Instagram

Morandé With a member company Ingrid Parra, who emphasizes his sympathy, I started a relationship again and, together with a two-month remembrance, he showed images on social networks.

"In the 35 years, I felt the concern of another person, as I feel strong. And I fully appreciate it and I hope that I feel the same concern for me, because it is very interrelated, "he admitted only a few weeks ago at the Mega Portal.

But this Friday reveals that the face of the man with love has published an image with the following text: "The perfect day … many surprises and love … Happy new month with @csaleszlatar # 2".

Instagram Ingrid Parra

Instagram Ingrid Parra

But that was not all, he also shared the artist with his "Pololo" "Stories" Instagram, He told her he loved her in a tender message.

Instagram csaleszlatar

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