Thursday , June 8 2023

The Congress called the Army Commander-in-chief to clarify the situation


Next Tuesday, November 27 Emergency call is awaiting the Senate of the Chamber of Deputies and Defense. Alberto Espina, and the army commanders, Ricardo MartinezTo clarify the situation that occurs with the Organization.

This week, an appointment hearing was attended by 900 civil servants at the Military School, and General Martinez acknowledged that official authorities sold drug trafficking arms. He also called for the protection of the "military tooth" pension system.

There are several reactions from the political sector. Deputy and Member of the National Defense Chamber Commission, Jaime Tohá (PS) You should not only condemn it.

"Politically we can not condemn these situations We need to look politically seriously and find a solution to these situations".

Meanwhile, his partner Marcelo Schilling (PS) He cited the statements about the pension system and said that "they said that the officials of the army were encouraged to push forward those words, to commit themselves and to continue protecting them. I'll keep that part of the glass half".

UDI representation: the unwanted is not enough

UDI, deputy Álvaro CarterHe is also a member of the Defense Committee, "the apology offered by the major commander is enough in the political sense, but not in the sense of the people. How can an advertisement get a record of its files?".

"They will continue to suffer in the villages that know the war weapons, which brings a new edge: Carabinieri is ready to face this type of weapon? That is very likely"he asked.

Meanwhile, the president of the Union, the senator Jacqueline Van RysselbergheThe status of the profile decreased a bit and made sure that "it was not the best" that happened through leaks, "it will probably be preceded by the Public Ministry.

"No one thinks that you have a meeting with many people, one of them will not be debated or filtered by the bottom. I think that since making this meeting, we offer a background image of the Public Prosecutor's Office"she assured her.

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