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The cost to the clouds! They used 72 airplanes and spent $ 438 million under Fachen


The bets for the Fach change were not only on November 5: Jorge Robles's dismissal air expense costs were the location of the commander and the clouds were equivalent to the cloud. Welcome to your heir, Arturo Merino Núñez. It was $ 438 million during this year when 72 shots were used.

Using clouds: he spent $ 438 million in order to change the command Fach

This information was provided by Fach through a press release, "the commencement change ceremony cost US $ 634,452, equivalent to the national currency, $ 438,095,291."

President's criticism

The incident was criticized by the president, Sebastián Piñera, on Tuesday night, in a conversation with Radio Bío Bío, that the cost of the event was much higher than on the 11th of March in the presidential office.

For this reason, the members of the Defense Committee have asked the General Núñez to explain his expenses to change his mandate.

Expenditure detail

According to Fach document, the detail is divided into logistics and other operational topics. The first part states that "a cocktail was celebrated with 1,364 guests, a cost of € 7,755,497, with a value of $ 5,686 per person."

"Partial visa of 60% has been added to" $ 23,879,486 "for airlines, aircraft mechanics and battle units in operating units.

As for questions about outdoor wages, opals, lighting, amplification, lighting, hardware and snacks, $ 22,337,115 have been spent.

"In addition to the foreign authorities, the Commanders of the General Air Force of Argentina and Brazil were invited, as well as the Commandant of the National Guard of the United States of Texas, for $ 1,289 to allocate the food and accommodation of these authorities .354", adds the text.

In this line, the amount of "Expenditures on Operation and Assistance is $ 55,261,452 (US $ 80,030 equivalent)".

As flight training

Using clouds: he spent $ 438 million in order to change the command Fach

In the air used material, in the statement they emphasize that this example serves as a training pilot, a problem that does not match the "cost" element.

Yes, there was "an expense" equivalent to $ 554,422 for fuel and lubricants, equivalent to $ 20,833,839.

"In these types of activities (institutional anniversary, military parade, etc.), airline companies prepare long-term missions with airplanes, multidisciplinary trainings in time and space, the planning of NATO standards and the execution of commands and controls of complex air operations at operational and tactical level "

Likewise, they have indicated "Transfer of units F-16 and A-29, forward and forward with regard to modification of commands, the Operational Efficiency Maintenance Program"

In the end, they concluded that all this is the last cost of $ 438 million.

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