Monday , May 29 2023

The court has shown a false doctoral appeal in his "Trap" program


Talca of the Court of Appeals rejected the appeal for defense filed against Channel 13 S.A. Dr. Jorge Bravo Arellano, a fake doctor, has led the chapter of a program "The Mouth" to be illegal and arbitrary.

According to the alleged marginalization, Bravo argued that threatening the program's exposure threatened to quell and quit the legitimate purpose of constitutional guarantees, with the emphasis placed on the chapter without the scientific support of the patient.

Decide unanimously that the First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Maule does not accept any appeal because of the lack of legality or arbitration of the execution of the program.

"In the opinion of this court, the journalist's performance in Canal 13 S.A. is included in the legitimate freedom of public opinion and publication without censorship," he says.

"The events referred to in the resource and those referred to in the preceding paragraphs have a public or important interest, according to the information provided on television, in accordance with Article 19773 Law, Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Information and Exercise Freedom acknowledges freedom of opinion and information. without prior censorship, and consequently do not appeal to the legislator ", adds the resolution.

The decision states that "article 19.733 of Law 1933 states that the following are, inter alia, public interest: for the purposes of this article:" b) the profession or trade and its knowledge of real public interest; c) Those with free access to the public, free of charge; f) Those committed to commit crimes or taking part in them. "

The sentence adds that "no accusation has been shown by the jury member, Emilio Sutherland, of the accusations against the journalist, so it can not be taken into account to support the current protection support."

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