Tuesday , January 25 2022

The date of the Blood's Supermoon


NASA has reported January 20 will be visible from the mainland Two American astronomical phenomena at the same time. It's about it A supermoon and an eclipse, giving way to the call "Super blood moon".

A Supermoon phenomenon occurs Elliptical rotation of the moon Around the earth There is a natural satellite in our 27 days The closest point on the planet and when the moon comes full, it is called supermoon, which looks larger than normal 14% more clarifies.

The supermoons of January 20 will pass through the remains of the earth, Creating a lunar eclipse, giving a satellite reddish look, why name it "The moon of blood".

The event will begin On Sundays 23.37 and it will be extended 02.43 in the morning Monday, January 21st

This event will be preceded by the solar eclipse, This will happen on the 2nd of this year which will be fully visible in our country.

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