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The daughter of Rosen's fiancée announces the spread of beauty brand Peru's economy

In 2015, Dominique Rosenberg sold 70% DBS Beauty Store Salcobrand and only 30% of the business that was created in 2006.

Despite the controlling of the ownership of the brand, Rosenberg continues to be the managerial decision as a commercial manager, which is why he announced DBS will reach Peru in the first quarter of 2019.

He has arrived, in his opinion, "a Very aggressive opening in stores, much larger than Chile, depending on the size of the market and in three or five years, "said the businessman Diario Financiero.

However, Salcobrand is not in the surrounding country, so the landing of the chain means in the Peruvian soil. break only or linked to the local company, but this is not clear.

Chile operation

In our country, DBS closed in Chile 2018 and 75 stores, Grew 9% until 2017 and already increased by 10% in 2019.

"We intend to become one of the three most important retailers of local beauty, and we are committed to this area, which in 2020 represents 50% of the turnover holding company"Exenist professionals say the media too.

In 2019, besides Peru, you will see Brand checking efforts.

"In March we will launch the first version of a mobile app and restart the platform e-commerce In May, go to the full version of this app, "he said.

To do this, cosmetics will launch some applications that will help you get cosmetic treatment in a virtual mirror, mobile phone or in a store.

"Let's get on Applications for testing nails and designs, Other fake eyelashes, for basic tones, shadows, among others. "

According to Pulsar, Rosenberg was always immersed in the business world. She was the daughter of one of the founders of Rosen, since she was a passionate cosmetic company, that is, she became a DBS.

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