Saturday , June 19 2021

The day when Denise Rosenthal faced a man who used her last name to insult her Tv and Shows

According to statistics, the sports that most people gather in Chile every weekend are soccer, rodeo and rayuela.

However, there is one that is practiced much more, and that does not need gyms, stadiums or courts. We refer to our popular and never-well-considered pelambre.

On this occasion, the singer and actress Denise Rosenthal was the victim of a comment on the back, but that she listened. In that minute – and judging by the statement – it possessed, to put it in some way, the spirit of Paty Cofré.

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

In conversation with the program Someone has to do it of Big radio, the interpreter of Struggle in Balance He commented that he left a call to a technician who called "Denise Zorrental" on the backs of an event.

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

Denise Rosenthal | Instagram

'Nis' he explained how the situation was: "(He) tells one of the technicians 'ah, good, I am with Denise Zorrental'. And I heard the hueá po ', then I left the tent and I tell him what did you say? ".

Of course the 'character' did not give the width, and kept silent, then tried to fix it, without doing it. Right now.

The national artist enjoys a good time to be having excellent results with his latest single Chain, which is in the first places of trends in Youtube Chile.

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