Monday , January 24 2022

The dead child who fell from the tenth floor in the center of Santiago – national


The building on the eighth floor fell

Carabineros officials confirmed that the Central Central Prime Minister killed him. TVN


workers Carabineros killed a five-year-old boy from one window to the other tenth floor A commonly built building located in the street Santa Elena in 1631 Santiago Center.

According to the first play, the little ones could suddenly fall into the window as he was playing "being a superhero" and his mother was a bathroom.

The witnesses told them he was 24 years old that the child would not "hang on hungry".

As the building's concierge said, "fortunately, Carabineros immediately acted and got into the patrol."

The police were small in public aid (mail post), along with the efforts of the medical team, died.

The Carabineros Laboratory of Zigortistikako Laborategia began its ability to clarify the causes of pain decline.


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