Thursday , June 8 2023

The defendant asked him to reduce fuel prices


Miguel Ángel Godoy Servín Defender, Petrolios (Petropar), has analyzed the price reduction of different types of oil, taking into account the price of oil prices over the last months.

According to the document presented at the State Offices Branch, the price of the crude was as follows: in August, it was $ 72.28; September was recorded at US $ 77.18; In October, it was $ 79.58 and it was $ 68.47 in the first half of November. Yesterday, crude oil had an international price of 51.51 dollars, which is the lowest last time.

According to the runner, bargainers point out that important issues of consumer rights stand out, Petropar's owner said publicly that rises in fuel prices depend on oil prices and dollars.

In Chile, yesterday, the reduction of fuel and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (GLP) was enrolled during the fifth week. This information has been confirmed by the president of the Republic of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, with his Twitter account. "This is a relief in the pocket of all Chileans," said the president through his social network.

Petropar's owner, Patricia Samudio, confirmed yesterday, according to the Monumental radio station, that, before the end of the month, the price of ordinary diesel will be reduced or not the probabilities will be analyzed, and its values ​​are of great importance for the Paraguayan economy.

At another point, he explained that over 450 dollars per cubic tank oil is less than 6,000 dollars and that the price of hydrocarbons could be higher.


The high price of oil and the rise of the dollar were the main reasons that boosted the prices of all the fuels marketed in the country in mid-September this year.

After the changes, the price of US crude oil and crude oil, especially the second, dropped sharply. However, companies selling country fuel still keep their product prices.

Eddie Jara, Former President of Petropar, has some elements to help the country's brands reduce fuel prices. "There are two components, the international oil price and the dollar exchange rate, which defines how much fuel price should be in each market," he said.

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