Monday , October 18 2021

The Department of Núñez called Felipe Kastik to "clean dirty clothes at home".


Secretary Paulina Núñez (RN), Evopoli, called senator Felipe Kast to clean dirty clothes at homeAfter a criticism from members of Chile's Vamos, Jose Antonio Kastek's approach was approached by Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian elected president.

He commented after the Parliament's response "We see that we are worried about Chile's members.", in a conversation Third.

After hearing these statements, Núñez said that "it is always ideal to clean clothes at home. If we go back to government, we would only work together and where we had a space nobody left. "

"When I heard, for example, Senator Kast, who was the candidate of the presidency, and I think that it continues to be the case, it is also necessary to understand that those who go to the right say that they work with the same row if this happens. No one is left "he kept it.

It should be remembered that on Saturday the RN General Council was held, both helicopters, Mario Desbordes, President Sebastián Piñera, called for a unity within the coalition.

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