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The details of the new league champion are clarified

LoL champion new details

Riot Games, like every year, guesses many new features of the new season. Qualification changes, season, honorary system and champions. Now the details of a new champion have also been leaked. If you're new to it, there's not a lot of new riot tonic scratches to get into new characters every year.

On the other hand, In addition to this new championIt includes filtration Kayle and Morgana's reworks. They are among the new ones, among others Sejuani and Tahm Kench, Kha Zix and Rengar, Tristana, Neeko and Nunu, Veigar, Zyra and Syndra. In addition to the mythical imprint of Ivern.

In the filtration, besides the details of the new champion, there are several skin and reworks

After being a champion of the debate, We do not know what the Riot is. But since Reddit eliminated some of its details. Among them, it is said to be a character "chained". One Depositary in the upper part.

In terms of capabilities, there is not much information. But he's talking A player who is in the hands of the enemy champion Q, and then a small distance when the training is activated again. Berea Ultimate, on the other hand, we know he will only do it "earthquake" effect Therefore, supposed daze or any other impact involves the control of the crowd. But, as always, The Riot himself does not give details, they are all speculations.

The new champion's details are filtered Coming from the same source, filter stellar aspects. In addition to Urgot's replication. So this information, but not confirmed, can be true.

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