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The detainee of Karramin, taken to prison in Catrillanca, was "lying" in statements that were national


Police officers against the murder of the Mapuche community Camilo Catrillanca recorded a video of the police.

Carlos Alarcon is a retired sergeant, this evening's audio-visual record that is known this afternoon, it is still clear.

In the pictures, Alarcón does not refer directly to the death of Catrillanca, but he does not act as punishment, and emphasizes that he does not have the image of the police organization that touches what he wanted.

Of course, now the hominid's exuniform and judged, he says, was a lie of lies and false statements, which in this case is still part of this familiar section, which ended the lives of 24 people. In the back of the year, there was a tractor in the police station La Araucanía.

"You know I'm not a criminal or here, because of the fact that people are lying, we gave false statements and today we are bad, we are the most dangerous citizenship," he said.

"People being lying here gave false statements and we are now the worst"

– Carlos Alarcón

Last week, Radio Bío Bío had an exclusive access to the document presented by the Public Prosecutor Garrido, Patricio Alejandro Sepúlveda Muñoz, Braulio Andrés Valenzuela Aranguiz, Carlos Roberto Alarcon Molina and Raúl Evaristo Ávila Morales for the arrest.

According to the document, a potential report said Camilo Catrillanca's bombing projector was the weapon of Carlos Alarcón.

ARCHIVE | Héctor Andrade | ONE agency
ARCHIVE | Héctor Andrade | ONE agency

However, according to El Mercurio, Alarcón told the prosecutor Roberto Garrido that he was confronted with the traffic he had traveled to the traveler, ranging from 10 to 12 meters, and warned him that he had stopped watching him. He indicated his vehicle at his service.

In his story, the tractor went ahead and at that moment made plans to make fire. "I'm 100% sure that I've just said my shoulder blade. My idea stopped. For me, the place I fired was a safe shot area," he says.

Carlos Alarcón said that the vehicles had progressed a few meters and then stopped and a person lifted their hands. Then he saw that the exuniform was approaching the traction that he was wounded in his head.

Although they were filmed, according to the newspaper, "he acknowledged that they had not shot at that tractor".

The lawyer Alexander Schneider has announced that four accused carabinieri accused of appearing to have a precautionary resolution against uniform detention detention.

Carlos Agurto | rbb
Carlos Agurto | rbb

Officialism does not want to widespread

The government's party did not generally dissolve the Carabineros institution, after the four officers caused by the death of Catrillanca had taken the decision of a precautionary arrest.

Deputy Andrés Molina Evopolis has said that the decision must be respected and, moreover, it must be called for this event to not be generalized.

On the other hand, the deputy PPD, Andrea Parra, has said that Justice "must not fall", which has led to the increase in the distrust of Carabineros.

According to a public survey by Cadem, 55 percent of the Chilean population predicted that Carabineros' work was dismantled, 28 percent less than the previous results.

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