Saturday , June 10 2023

The director of Azul Azul denounces the "betrayal" of Pinilla: "We trust the word of Mauricio" | football


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Hans Cott / Agency One

The effects of all kinds are the first Court of First Instance of San Miguel, in the conflict that took place these days, Mauricio Pinilla and a Chile University.

The court, Judge Alondra Castro, has indicated that university teachers have to pay this amount $ 147.454.616 to complete the compensationalso $ 313,341,059 for losing profitIn the "blue" group no one would ever grace.

So at least, see the Blue Blue director, Pablo SilvaAlthough he warned that he had left the decision more than surprised, the striker denounced the unresolved compromise with the agreement.

"It is true that the failure surprised us, because the club had acted correctly. He brought the offer from Mauricio Colon de Santa Fe, asked to reach an agreement and negotiated it aside", commented Silva in the conversation Biobío Sports.

He stressed that from this meeting "the three parties signed a federation rights transfer Now it turns out suddenly he repentedThis is a very bad thing. "

And the latter is not causing discomfort, because they believed that they did not comment on the same leader, they would not recover part of the "Pinigol" deal, using the misfortune.

"Fortunately, because we trust the word Mauricio. Now, the legal measures that our lawyers will continue to follow will continue, "added Chilen Director.

To do this, we will see how to continue developing new Creole football novels, so far the Chilean University's debt and no Mauricio Pinilla clubs.

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