Wednesday , October 20 2021

The director of commercial centers will be the CFO


The new changes are in the Cencosuden administrative level, controlled by Horst Paulmann. Yesterday, the company announced the departure of the financial manager of the corporation, Rodrigo Larraín, and the corporate director of Rodrigo Hetz Human Resources.

According to the company, the two companies will leave as of December 31.

In the key area sent to the Financial Market (CMF), the location of the financial director of Cencosud has stopped Larrain, Matías Videla, the head of the Regional Trade Center Director and responsible for the process IPO process. division.

"He has been a CEO at Cencosud, 21 years of experience in Videla, and has been the CEO of Argentine Supermarket, at the age of 46, with Videla Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires and an MBA from the IAE Business School at the Austral University of Buenos Aires," said the company in a statement

On the other hand, the position of the head of the Regional Trade Center will be headed by the head of the Argentine Center of Commerce, Germán Cerrato. "As an experience of Cencosud in 11 years, Cerrato has always been linked to the business center.

At the beginning, he was the director of the Unicenter center to be a commercial manager in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Chile. He has also been the director of Colombian Business Centers and the Chilean Purchase Center for Real Estate Development. In your new responsibilities, you will continue the Division IPO process.

At the age of 44, Cerrato is a Business Administration graduate with Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), "he said.

In the meantime, the company has said it will be announced in a correct way to replace the corporate Human Resource Management.

At the executive level, these changes were announced in October of this year, when he was appointed new director of the General Manager of Antonio Ureta Supererosia, Eric Basset, the improvement division of the home and Matías Videla, then he was responsible for Shopping Centers. Previously, in June, Jaime Soler resigned for four years under general management, instead of Andreas Gebhardt, General Manager of Enel Distribución.

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