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The doctor who rescued Ebola fights

While Liberia, Africa, was treating patients, Dr. Sacra recruited a virus that killed more than eleven thousand people in 2014. Among the worst epidemic of this century.

Almost five years have passed The Ebola virus was on the verge of the death of Liberia, but Dr. Richard Sacra never had a commitment to the West African nation. The Sacra African Foundation for the Mission of the Health celebrated this Thursday, the work done in that country in the nineteenth century. It was founded in the 20th century as a colony of liberated slave Americans.

A 56-year-old doctor was a handful of Ebola Americans During the 2014 mortal epidemic. A World Health Organization report revealed the occurrence He polluted 28,000 people and claimed more than 11,000 lives Over two years, especially Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

Sacred cI brought the virus when I participated in ELWA shipments, Monrovi missionary, Liberia capital. He's been working for twenty years. Omaha, Nebraska, was evacuated and treated, but he returned with patients with ELWA for a few months. "Eternal Love Conquers Africa".

As a Christian devotee, Sacra dreamed that he was a dreamer and was never a child. "It's our reception at home," said Sacra on Wednesday, and her wife Debbie took off a few days at her home, outside of Worcester, Massachusetts. There, he is a professor at the Sacra University of Massachusetts School of Medicine.

"My wife and I will be Liberia since 1987. Our children grew up. Therefore, the return will not make me harder for you to return. "Foundation for the African Health Mission L & # 39; Chaim Award Significant medical services in New York, including $ 500,000 in donation.

The Sacrament said that this money will be used in ELWA to build intensive custody units, install solar panels, and extend the training program for family physicians created in 2017, with 15,000 people each and many of them having only one PhD in advanced training. The 107-bed hospital that was founded in 1965 administers the evangelical organization based on SIM, North Carolina.

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