Wednesday , May 18 2022

The dollar continues in Chile and the world in the US and the Chinese commercial army


The dollar posted a 3.8-euro reduction on Monday, with respect to the value recorded on Friday after the Lehendakari of the United States of America signed an agreement between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

On Saturday, the two leaders decided not to put new rates on their products as of January 1, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the G20 summit.

At the end of Monday, $ 669 was in Chile, but its decline was worldwide. Only two monkeys in both countries (Indian Rupees and Turkish Pounds) have been repayed in this scenario, at 1.24% and 0.18% respectively.

According to Pulsus, this behavior was trusted by the confidence of the climate, after the agreement, investing in investing more money than the dollar, since the PMI (purchasing manager index) is manufactured in English. China's market expectations have passed.

Copper, meanwhile, grew 1.64% in the London Metal Exchange, reached US $ 2.82 and the Dollar Index fell 0.17%.

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