Saturday , January 29 2022

The dollar gave 12 cents to $ 38.49 (the wholesaler returned to the band floor)


Unique cards and exchanges with the free market (MULC), where The currency fell 23 cents to $ 37.37 and returned to the flotation band (currently $ 37.33). In that situation, the BCRA intervention could save 50 million dollars per day.

During the roundabout, the Central Bank's Liquidity Letters ("Leliq") had a share of $ 155,303 million, a seven-day average (58.80%). The maximum allowable rate was 58.987% and the minimum amount was 58%.

The currency in North America had a great career, since childhood, on the last day A foreign income offer was established.

Buyer's inertia came into force on Tuesday, starting from the next day, with a rise of $ 37.70 to increase prices. Gradually, sales orders were installed in the sector's facilities, where large players are causing it to dilute the initial price of the price.

The decline in the exchange rate varied with fluctuations and eventually accelerated due to the intensity of revenues when the back findings reached the lowest of $ 37,365. Volume negotiations increased 13% to 643 million dollars.

ABC Mercado de Cambios explained Cereal exports continue to exceed $ 75 million daily and the other income is to dissolve the income and / or income of investors.

Also, The dollar in the world was up by 0.5% and 95,426 units, from October to October, the lowest, with the advances made by the euro and pound sterling, before increasing the risk of dangerous assets in order to counteract the trade negotiations between the United States and China.

"The downturn brings the price of the dollar to the lower limit of the area with no official intervention, so that the central bank's appearance is maintained, if the tendency of the wheel's weakness is maintained," they emphasized. PR Exchange Brokers.

In the informal market, meanwhile, blue He made 50 cents $ 39.75According to this survey conducted in the central caves of Buenos Aires. At the same time, "Liquek counts" it dropped five cents $ 37.46.

Other markets

Bank money market Call money It was an average of 53%. In foreign exchange exchanges, they decided to grant $ 142 million dollars and / or money to buy dollars purchased on Thursday and Friday.

In the ROFEX's future marketThey traded 730 million dollars, of which more than 60% were agreed in January and February with the last payment of 38.46 and 39.82 $, with 48.39% and 47.86% respectively.

In the end, reservations Central Banks On Wednesday, US $ 127 million rose to US $ 65,944 million.

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