Wednesday , October 27 2021

The exercise can reduce the high pressure such as medication, as discussed – Diario Digital Nuestro País


High blood pressure, which is indicated in adults over 140 years of age, is a very common pathology of age, and under-30s are not uncommon.

Researchers acknowledged that despite the positive results, there are no other tests that compares physical activity with arterial pressure compared to blood pressure, and that certain test participants are relatively small.

In this way, it is recommended that people with this pathology do not even have to leave their medication so that they can have more physical activity, which is clearly beneficial.

According to Huseyin Nace, a researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science in London, systolic blood pressure may be reduced, which means that the amount of arterial pressure in the heart beats and indicates the greatest figure in reading this indicator.

To carry out the research, data were collected in 194 clinical trials, the reduction of systolic blood pressure and 197 trials of the structural exercise, which involved 39,742 people.

Activities practiced were walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, high-intensity stretches, and exercises to improve strength and strength.

Experts made three series of analyzes. Suddenly, all kinds of types of exercise were compared to all kinds of medications to reduce blood pressure; On the other hand, they contrasted different types of medication, and finally contrasted the intensity variant with a different dose.

According to the study, prescription medication has reduced pressure at high pressure in recent years. Only adult adults admitted to England increased by 50% between 2006 and 2016. EFE

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