Wednesday , May 18 2022

The Exmánager will show Juan Gabriel the place and place where he will be "revived"


Juan Gabriel's death is still a debate. The former director of "Divo de Juárez", Joaquín Muñoz, continues that the singer is still alive.

According to "La Tribuna", Muñoz says that "Juanga" is alive and will soon appear.

"I never missed communication with me, he told me he was dead," said the former director.

In an interview, Joaquin explained that Juan Gabriel will appear again in December, although he said earlier that he would be on December 15.

I said before September 15, and then I started to imitate people and memes, so I can not cry, "he explained.


Also, it was revealed "Until I met you", "I'm going to be very strong" and "Eternal love" will be the song singers in Mexico.

"Alberto is an excellent composer and deserves respectful treatment. His only genius, Juan Mexico, is forgiven, and the geniuses forgive everything," added the former director.

In the controversial presentations, journalist Joaquín López Dóriga explained that the artist confirmed his death.

When I called it, I said, "Nene, who was saying people to kill me" and said: "Well, tell me," recalls Joaquin.

Since then, Juan Gabriel's former representative had kept his secret. The caretaker of the singer and, according to his statements, until the house changed, they did not give it to him.

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