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"The fan of the river was stolen": Marcelo Gallardo disturbed the Libertadores final in Spain | football


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Trainer trainer River Plate, Marcelo Gallardohe mentioned Copa Libertadores against Boca JuniorsThat will be played Madrid next Sunday, Instead of the original scenario in Buenos Aires, they thought they were "stealing the river's fan".

"We will review it again and again Remember this shame completely. We can not do anything, because we need to play the game, though They stole the river fan. Maybe tomorrow they are others, it does not matter to the shirt, "said Gallardo, the decision of Conmebol to move the campaign between the Madrid Santiago Bernabeu football field.

"After everything has happened and we've had a lot of life, it's not easy to say what I have to say. I have the same indignation as the real fans, their team gave me the opportunity to watch the football field. It was the only chance of the fan", Gallardo extended.

In a historical decision, Conmebol de Fútbol decided to suspend the incidents that took place in Buenos Aires on the 24th of the last eleven round of liberalizations, suspended on November 24, around the Monumental stadium. Real Madrid plays in the Santiago Bernabéu football field.

Due to the anger of thousands of fans of the river, Sunday won the 3-1 victory over Monumental's Gymnastics, Bar Brava (violent fans), Conmebol and Argentinean president Mauricio Macri. Boca famous follower.

"We are the only ones we can defend within the court. This team (the player) will represent them in the right way, because they have the opportunity to give them a joyous celebration, "said Ibai coach, who will not be able to take it to the final. Conmebol.

"Anyway, despair, despair and anger (anger) will continue to exist and all exist, but I can only replace it, the focus of energy and work, we must focus on this game and we will do that. It will be just the right thing to do with this match"Called Gallardo.

The coach stressed that "we have lost our position, with all this in mind, the internal strength of this campus will be resurrected on Sunday. We have lost a lot, and now we have a lot to earn, which is why we will prepare it".

"We all have the spirit, the true fans of River, to our organization. We have recovered every time we hit a hard blow and we will do it now, "said the group" millions "optimistic.

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