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The first baby to be transplanted in the uterus was born through a donor of the dead – Actual Vida – Uruguay and the newly updated days of the World


A female woman from a transplanted uterus in Brazil was given birth by a donor from a donor, with the first success of this procedure, according to doctors.

The case published in the medical journal The Lancet links the veins of the recipient's vein, the arteries, ligaments and vaginal channels.

Since it has occurred in the United States, the Czech Republic and the Turkish transplant donor dead, there is no direct baby born.

In Caesarean section, Brazil, in 35 weeks and three days, it weighed 2.55 kilograms (nearly six kilograms) according to the case study sent to The Lancet.

Dani Ejzenberg, a researcher at the University Hospital of Sao Paulo, Brazil, said that he had transplants in September 2016 at the age of 32, to make it feasible for women with infertility. Access to uterus for a larger potential group.

The current rule for receiving a uterine transplant is to be part of a living family that wants to give this body.
"The number of people committed and committed after the death is much higher than that of the livelier donor, and gives them a greater potential," said Ejzenberg.

However, the results and consequences of many donors and donors have not yet been compared, and the technique has yet to be refined and optimized.

After the five-month transplant, when Ejzenberg's team wrote, the uterus did not show signs of refusal, the ultrasound was normal and the recipient had regular menstruation. The first fertilized egg and frozen egg after seven months and confirmed 10 days later that he was pregnant.

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