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The first sample of the asteroid sample reaches its goal



The first mission NASA Designed Visit an asteroid and take your powder sample The earth arrived on Monday at the finish line, BennuTwo years later, it was launched in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

A $ 800 million mission, called OSIRIS-Rex, every week starts at 12:00 AM (GMT at 5:00 p.m.), the last time the engines are switched on.

"We have reached the top"Lockheed Martin's engineer engineer Javier Cerna said, while in Littleton, while Colombian colleagues were controlling, they greeted and shook hands as they watched in a NASA live television broadcast.

500 meters in diameter, It's Mount Bennu and it is the smallest object in orbit in human space.

In Bennu, part of the initial solar system is also dangerous. It is a small risk that the 2,735 possible in the 2135 dispute with the Earth.

Carbon was rich, selected from 500,000 asteroids from the solar system The orbit that runs around the Earth around the SunBecause the size of the study of sciences is adequate NASA is one of the oldest known asteroids.

Scientists hope to receive more information about the initial formation of the solar system and find asteroids as the most curious resources like metals and water.

"With asteroids, you have a time capsule, you have a clear example of the millennial solar system," said Michelle Thaller, spokeswoman for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

"That is why scientists will be much more valuable than gold," he said.

Five blows

The mission began in September 2001. After several months, OSIRIS arrived in Rex Bennu and eventually reached space rock near 129 million kilometers.

"Over the last few months, I approached Bennu when I approached"said OSIRIS-REx account on the Twitter network.

"I'm here, I'm going to fly around the asteroid and I will look in detail," he said.

It has a set of spacecraft Five scientific research asteroids Over the next year and a half, scientists on a high-resolution map decide to take the sample.

In 2020, it will extend its circuit robots and an asteroid will touch Manhattan as "the palm of soft touch", Rich Kuhns, director of the OSIRIS-REx program, at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Denver.

Using a circular device like a car filter and reversing dust collecting, it intends to collect weekly ounces of 60 ounces of material per week (60 grams) and will perform further testing to return to Earth.

NASA said that asteroid material can be achieved much more than two kilograms.

The head of the US space agency expects OSIRIS-REx to be used to maximize the Apollo age for the 1960s and 1970s activism. US explorers brought 382 kilograms to the Earth. Moon rocks

The Japanese space agency JAXA was first demonstrated that an asteroid was a collection of samples.

In 2010, Hayabusa nudged the nuclear space of its target asteroid and extracted a few milligrams of material in 2010.

After obtaining a successful mission by NASA, when Bennu began collecting dust, the sample will be released in 2023 and returned to 2023, which will be buried in the desert of Utah in late September, as NASA said.

OSIRIS-REx Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regrind Explorer is the acronym.

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