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The flavors of electronic cigarettes that destroy your lungs

Experts have two popular flavors that are particularly dangerous for lungs

US health authorities say "vaping" or "vaping" concern about customary growth., especially among young people, which are already classified as an epidemic.

Now, a study by Harvard University revealed Consuming certain flavors of electronic cigarettes would end up destroying lungs.

The problem is that chemicals with popular flavors prevent cilia, because they are microscopic hair that aligns our airplanes. This circumstance is suffering from respiratory illness, such as asthma and lung disease (COPD), which In the long term, it can significantly increase pulmonary function.

Harvard's taste The most dangerous are candy and popcorn. The latter are particularly harmful to the chemical diacetyl, given that the popcorn smells, but it is highly harmful in the respiratory process. Although workers in the microwave ovens repeat bronchoolitis obliterans, it is a pulmonary "lung crisis". It carries something like caramel flavor, that is, a chemical called 2,3-pentanodium.

The researchers found that human bronchial cells were exposed to five chemicals for 24 hours These substances destroy cilia and also cause their production and its function.

Teacher Joseph AllenOne of the authors of the research ensured that electronic cigarettes users use inhaling substances with steam that eliminates aromatic The effects of chemicals are not tested unless they are safe or not

The health authorities have warned, although less harmful, Vaping's cigarette practice is just as healthy, because the two dangerous and addictive components are the same: nicotine.

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