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The fusion of Disney and Fox would end in March

20th Century Fox's long-awaited acquisition process and XXI. Centenary Fox's conglomerate entertainment will finally end. Due to the satisfaction of Disney, shopping passed one of the final stages of competition competition.

According to the deadline, the Brazilian authorities have already accepted the sale and it is expected that Fox's film and television studios, including an animation studio, will include the scope of a business within the next 10 days. Successful subsidiary Blue Sky or Fox Searchlight has gone through Disney's hands. Likewise, they will be passed to control channels like FX, Hulu National Geographic and the majority stake, among others.

As agreed with Brazil, a portion of Mexico was also accepted, because Disney had to make some bankruptcy because of the major issues that had been added by adding the required conditions.

It is worth mentioning that some of the Disney shopping carts have been named by Fox Sports, which has important television rights in Latin America and is an ESPN competition. That is, it will be a live sports channel contest. Rupert Murdoch's new Fox Corporation.

However, there are regional sports channels that make purchases for Disney purchases and must be restored to prevent monopoly conflicts.

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