Wednesday , September 28 2022

The genes of this animal create a regression of human and mammalian tumors


A group of biologists discovered genes and mutations tumor regression of cancer The Tasmanian demons (Sarcophilus harrisii), a southern australian marsupial, reported Genome Biology and Evolution magazines.

Research could be essential in explaining the causes of the diseases of the animal facial tumor virus. It is a contagious form of cancer that affects the female and male species and determines this 100% death once upon a time Between 12 and 18 months.

The discovery of scientists will reduce the number of deaths and "have consequences" treat human cancer and other mammals, "said team biologist Mark Margers," Some genes attributed to the regression of tumor deform tumors " They are also in humans".


The questionnaire study was an interesting observation: some samples with facial tumors did not die, and after a few months the tumors they disappeared themselves. The researchers were sequenced by seven Tasmanian devil genomes who had a lively operation and did not have three.

The results showed that the animals that diminished the tumors were severely separated from three genomic regions, which included more than one gene related to immune response. the risk of cancer In humans and other mammals. Scientists say, "the first step is the characterization of the genetic trait of tumor regression."

Since the 1990s, this contagious disease has decimated the "demon" population, the marsupial habitat that inhabits the Tasmania island. Diseases cause tumors in the mouth and the surrounding areas hinders eating or even to avoid it, that causes death Animal The disease has spread through direct live transmission of life cells through the bite of the bite during feeding and coating.

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