Saturday , December 4 2021

The government added the armed forces to the probity plan to avoid hired relatives


After the report of CHV Noticias, former chief executive officer Jorge Burles Mella pressured her son at the pressure of the organization, the Government decided Add the probity plan for armed forces to public officials.

The project was recently approved in the Congress, He wants to avoid the high commanders of the Armed Forces. They can hire their relatives.

"General officers of the Armed Forces and the equivalent level of hierarchical power of order and public security, the Supreme Court, the Director of the Administration of the Judiciary, the National Ministry of the Public Ministry, the general control of the Republic and the general subcontract, in the Republic list. The members of the administrative bodies will have to prepare a report from the Senior Public Administration Council."He says the document.

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On the other hand, this initiative envisages FFAA obligations to get clear accounts and unnecessary goals.

That means The Commanders of the Armed Forces Command must report quarterly to the Defense Minister and the Ministry of Defense's Inspection Committee.Budgetary execution, human resources, financial analysis, procurement and public procurement, management control and internal audit.

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