Tuesday , May 18 2021

The government has purchased almost $ 15 million for UV floods and national acid rain

On January 3, the Government bought it The three flags are 27 meters long and 18 wide, 14.6 million dollars Muniz stands opposite the Palanca massif.

These implementations are UV-proof, acid rain, water resistant and Executive by requesting open tenders requested in October.

According to La Tercera, the emblems were purchased from Aproulet and Compañía Limitada, including VAT, on Thursday, January 31 and they have one year warranty Find irreparable damages.

Although the biddingman has a lower price, it has 13.5 million dollars (VAT included), which is he did not meet the technical specifications Banden weight weight.

The latest purchases are added to the government expenses that they know this weekIn the framework of the austerity plan carried out by the Executive, from May of 2018.

The first "Sebastian Piñera" was the "big ticket" left by the last cabinet council.

Then, it was celebrated in the Quillota's Granada Regiment, from 7 to 8 December, and created an expense for "food" $ 179,616 per minister.

He had the whole meeting, on the other hand Total cost of € 14,369,250. The Lehendakari and his ministers included 80 people, including breakfast, lunch and food coffee break, also taking into account the cost of transporting assistants, equipment and dishes.

du travel expenses The ministers received in 2018, during the Congress, were revealed in the last days.

Although these figures are different: while Some received more travel In the Parliament seat, others did not notice the least weight.

Isabel Plá (Women), Cristián Monckeberg (Housing), Baldo Prokurica (Mining) and Andrés Chadwick (Internal). The payments were received at 29, 12, 15 and 13 hours, respectively.

Among others, Gonzalo Blumel (Segpres), Alberto Espina (Defense), Alfredo Moreno (Social Development), Carolina Schmidt (Environment), Juan Andrés Fontaine (Public Works), Emilio Santelices (Health), Nicolás Monckeberg (Labor) and Gloria Hutt (Transportation) has never received money for the service of the city port.

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