Wednesday , July 6 2022

The Government makes the "best effort" to offer a public sector proposal | national


In the face of a national and unlimited strike committed by the Sectorial Sector Deputies on Monday, Labor Minister Nicolás Monckeberg confirmed that the Government is working "Make every effort" proposal to add a "responsible" proposal.

The latest meeting between the parties without success, public officials A 7% increase was requested, Executives are far from the 3.1% proposed.

In terms of the Minister of Labor, it is a Government proposal 25% more than last year's readjustment and "maximum effort", according to Monckeberg's "inherited tax restrictions" of the previous administration.

According to the leaders of the group leaders, "Ideally, it would be a regulation of 3.5%". The spokesman and coordinator of the Ana María Gutiérrez Public Sector Office said the proposal of the union "Yes, it is responsible", Given the CPI figures and economic growth.

The president of the teaching staff, Mario Aguilar, said that the Government has given figures of around 4% of the economy. For this reason, the leader hopes to be consistent with the reforms offered by Minister Larrain on Monday "So, growth also helps the workers" and called the Executive to "give" a proposal

The National Confederation of Community Health Confusam, Gabriela Flores, acknowledges that the unions will sign an agreement if the government only provides a reform Greater than or equal to 3.5%.

This Monday, it was confused by Confusam The contingency changes from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.. In addition, supplies of insulin, medicines, supplemental nutrition supplies and elderly people will be provided and vaccines will be given to vulnerable children.

The meeting between representatives of trade unions and government will be on Monday at 6:30 pm at the Ministry of Finance.

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