Tuesday , June 15 2021

The Government proposes to reduce over 80% of mobile phone charges

It is fighting for operators.

The Sub-secretariat of Telecommunications of Chile (SUBTEL) presented the proposal for mobile phone tariffs, which is 84% ​​less than the one we have today.

The proposal is set at CLP $ 1.4 per minute, current CLP $ 8.76. To do this, a business model was presented.

Above, the operator is the measuring parameter that should be in Chile, and that eye would work only on 4G network.

This, according to Pulso, makes Entel and Movistar proposals, crying out by the two main actors in the sky, as the 3G network is not considered.

Entel states:

Nowadays, even though 4G is the main technology, there are many 3G clients, so the business network must be compatible with 4G technology, such as 3Ga, and is being developed for VoLTE, which is hardly ever news

Remember that VoLTE refers to "Voice over LTE", so calls can also be made through the network. Currently, Chile's technology and some operators, but in a very limited way. It should be noted that the 4G voices, as they are known, are much better than today's main systems to achieve stability and clarity. This model should eventually be implemented by mobile companies.

If this proposal is a claim or objection to the affected companies, they will explain until December 1 the dissent, probably something they will do. Without a doubt, access to the mobile phone will be deeper, which is one of those countries, for example, one of the countries with the highest OECD rate.

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