Monday , January 18 2021

"The greatest and most daring adventure of today": the first cruisers will be able to navigate those who believe in the flatness of the Earth and "never see the ice wall".

"The best time, the bravest and the best adventure." Thus, 2020 will be a huge cruise that will be sailing and will be the first designed by all those who believe that the Earth is flat.

In this sense, the ship is "expected to never see the ice wall", that is to prevent the fence from the Antarctic to avoid falling objects.

According to The Guardian, luxurious cruises will allow you to navigate restaurants, pools and artificial waves. The Flat Earth International Conference is believed to be successful. The famous people who think that the earth is flat, like Tila Tequila models, is expected to travel aboard.

However, it is feared that the crew also believes that our planet is not a space and it may have problems in the boat. In this regard, Henk Keijer's seafarers and sailors experts believe that navigation could be "complicated".

"Vessels based on the principle of rounding off the fragments are designed based on boat lists: The Earth is now round, the ships use GPS and the newest electronic navigation equipment. ECDIS navigation system, which enhances navigational security with visualization of electronic graphics and information system, "he said.

Finally, according to GPS existence, the earth is not flat. For this reason, we do not know whether the crew uses this system, as opposed to beliefs.

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