Monday , May 29 2023

The Haitian community praised Chile's noble reflection on social networks: Telethon 2018 – 24 hours


The Haitian community praised the noble gesture of the Chilean elections with social networks

On Saturday, Haiti representatives were in Teleton

24 hours.kl Tvn


some the Haitians they traveled kilometer To find a new Chilean option, despite the complications of language inequality and Saturday social networks rumors as a contribution to Teletearian community.

The Haitian youth ambassador and the Haitian organizations reported the amount of representatives gathered in Chile.

In addition, the representatives stated "We hope we can participate and provide a better contribution for many years." "The community of Haiti is nearly Santiago who has helped us hereEverything worthwhile, worth 50 pesos and 50 thousand pesos, everything that is worthwhile, "they said.

"How lovely they chose to help, a community that seeks new opportunities for our country, With some contributors, not all of them who have been exaggerated, have received more expensive income, we have met in many situations, but they are wonderful with the children of Chile. " said Karen Doggenweiler, very happy with the gesture.

It was the amount collected 552,840 pesos and get applause They were heard during the Teletón Antzokia.


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