Tuesday , January 25 2022

The Haitian woman is the fourth woman female in 2019


She became a Haitian nationality woman females n. 4 woman in Chile.

She was a 26-year-old woman He released former partners in the street 29 years old and of the same nationality, in the town of El Quisco.

By slogan ThirdThe curator of the San Antonio Homicide Brigade, Robinson Alarcón, explained that "the victim decided to go to a friend's house. 5-month-old daughter between the victim and the victimto go to work ".

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The victims attacked retired when they left the house, who was there he decorated with a butcher's knife. While the neighbors participated in his defense, the man took a bottle of murine acid.

Both were taken to a hospital in the Vicuña de San Antonio Cloister, where they died it's still watching.

The topic arrived in Chile in May 2017 and the woman began in October. Currently, they have been distributed over a period of five months, recording acts of violence around him.

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If you are a victim of violence against women, contact Carabineros or leave your complaint 149. You can also get guidance from Sernameg 800 104 008.

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