Wednesday , October 27 2021

The holes in the Samsung Galaxy S10 screen could be smaller than the Galaxy A8s


Without a doubt, the screen hole he came And so greetings in the hunt for a hateful season in the 2018 season.

A few days ago he introduced Samsung Galaxy A8s The first smartphone to have a white screen is only the front camera. This hole goes to the side of the screen to go unnoticed.

But some people did not really like this hole on the screen It was soft and very noticeable on the screen, the famous notch that gave you the same impression.

But it seems that Samsung wants to solve this detail with its next flagship, revealing the image filters in front of the apparently confronting front panel. Galaxy S10 and the hole are quite smaller.

Left Galaxy S10 – Right Galaxy A8s

We do not know at this time really true or notWe do not know if the sensor is physically smaller due to the quality of the quality. However, this measure would not be far from thinking that the Galaxy A8s is a mid-range group, because the S10 is a great end.

Right now, we just wait to get Samsung closer to getting closer to the date it's about sending this smartphone to the next detail. Flagship South Korea

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