Wednesday , October 20 2021

The hot neighborhood of the Valparaiso neighborhood: mobilizations, struggles and negotiations


"If we radicalize it, we will now be radicalized. They want New Year's? No New Year," stressed Osvaldo Quevedo. The government tried to put cold on the subject, through the Minister of Property Felipe Larraín, calling on the company and staff to find a solution: "I call the responsibility and dialogue first, this is not good for the workers. And it's not Chile either, "he said.

A new day of protest took place in Valparaíso, near the Sotomayor Square, Temporary Port Workers Terminal 1, Terminal Pacific South Sausages Operators, who have already given more than one working day limit, work and salary for applying for improvements

In this context, on Tuesday morning, the ports of Iquique, Antofagasta, Caldera, Huasco, Chañaral, Ventanas, San Antonio, San Vicente, Talcahuano, Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas coincided.

It should be noted that earlier, the operators of the port of Iquique and San Antonio received their support for the opposing Valparaíso. Iquiquek, the barricades were lit and San Antonio announced the suspension of activities.

But in the middle of the conflict he was in Valparaíso, where the Barbaresses and clashes between the Special Forces of Carabineros and the port workers. One of the most important moments was the access of uniform workers to the network of sustainable workers' unions, which was arrested by 20 people, according to the Bío Bío radio station.

That's why workers protested protests and announced a Boycott of New Year celebrations, according to Osvaldo López.

"If we radicalize it, we will now be radicalized, want New Year's? New year is not there," he stressed.

In addition, port owners complained about the threats and criminal threats that the activists involved in the port strike and the leaders of trade unions have reported in Bermeo Court. According to them, kidnappings, bumps and threats have been attempts.

"We have already argued that we were talking about an INDH. Unfortunately, we can not make accusations, but we have a great deal of suspicion that this is an assembly," said Pablo Klimpell, another spokesman for the port.

The Government wanted to face the issue, through the Minister of Property, Felipe Larrain, calling on the company and staff to find a solution: "I call, first and foremost, responsibility and dialogue. This is not good for the workers, it does not make the company good. Valparaiso does a good job, and neither does Chile, "he said.

On the other hand, the mayor of Valparaiso, Jorge Sharp, pointed out in previous statements that, to end the conflict, from November 16th, President Sebastián Piñera would have to intervene: "This is not a private conflict. It is essential that the conflict between actors in a public space with a port, It might be a negotiation between a business and a group of workers, but that is not retail, "he said. Sharp.

Keys to the unemployment

Dockworkers denounces the severe conditions of work, according to which, due to lack of compensation, the years of service and paid wages and the impossibility of collective bargaining.

The primary requirements for Temporary Workers of the TPS for payment of $ 2,000 million were paid before the strike began on November 16. Later, the installation of a desk in the laboratory and under security conditions, a $ 500,000 loan and black list were missing.

As a response, the company has given a new proposal for 350,000 euros and 200,000 Dollar Gift Certificates, plus a bonus and a corresponding box for merchandise for these dates and a loan of 200,000 euros. Valparaíso December.

This obligation, in any case, is as follows: the support proposal is only for temporary workers who work for workers, as far as they are not related to violence.

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