Monday , October 18 2021

The House of Human Rights Commission of the Deputies approved the denunciation of the crimes of the dictatorship


Minister Carmen Hertz heads the House of Representatives / Aton Human Rights Commission

du Chamber of Human Rights Commission of the DeputiesA prison sentence approved for those who deny or justify violations of human rights. Carmen Hertz (PC) is a statement that promotes a criminal offense against violence.

This article establishes a ban on denying or justifying violations of human rights September 11, 1973 and committed on March 11, 1990 and it appears Rettig and Valech reports have been reported, that is, recognized by the Chilean state. The jails enter into prison for 3 years.

Approve the people who approve Pinochet may be punished, He responded that "the judge is in charge of the interpretation of this article and I believe that, instead of declaring the political option, it does not fall into the definition. We clarify what we have justified and the interpretation corresponds to the judicial power."

In regards to the DeputyUrnieta Gnacio (UDI former), victims of the Valech report "with terrorism"Hertz said" the denial is a typical case and the human dignity of the victims is rotting.


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