Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Infinity Swords and Plans Fortnite broke


Epic Games has shown over a year She knows how to do things right and has a great creativity and imagination to make surprising objects and innovations.

Come along with it In season 7 the same thing remained, But the reality has been different. During the presentation, all critics were positive and compliments were everywhere.

Until all players turn on Fortnite. The thing changed at that moment. The aircraft changed the game understanding mode.

And now You only have to win a game so that the other players can stick and attacking the last surviving submachine site.

But the worst still came. Epikes & # 39; Infinity Sword & # 39; He presented it and I would not have done that. At that time Fortnite disappeared altogether.

With this new mythical object You can destroy structures in secondsYou are almost immortal and you make great damages.

Multiple proof The Winter Royale was the change in the game. If you compare North America to the end of Europe, the differences are obvious.

Now it's time to decide on Epic Games. His first step was to eliminate the sword and leave it in the refrigerator, but if it fights against the plane.

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