Sunday , May 9 2021

The investment fund appears as a possible Blue Express builder

While the Blue Express negotiating framework is negotiating for sealing sales next week, the details of the purchaser of Bethia will appear. Industry sources have indicated that an interested party would have an investment fund that does not currently participate in logistics, but that allows the company to enter into a market that could be much larger in the future.

The same sources believe that it would be an alternative to the company that would sell in the future and, above all, to think about foreign companies interested in getting to the country.

To see more operations like Blue Express, Janan Knust, CEO of the K Group Logistics, said that "M & A will start producing investors as a future logistics company and knowing everything about e-commerce and imports and exports It requires a third party, especially because it is a very technical sector, "he added.

In this regard, the Chilean market has had a significant impact on large retailers because of its major clients, which continues to gradually revitalize the growth of small businesses.

In this regard, the Director General of Beetrack, Sebastián Ojeda, believes that large companies will increase investment in this segment and look for greater delivery options. Through this, logistics is one of the most crucial factors in the success of the e-market.

"Here, e-commerce companies offer the opportunity to retain customers, the office improves dramatically to buy customers through digital channels," he said.

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