Wednesday , January 26 2022

The Japanese tribe of the Yusaku Maezawa history passed the millions competition Social networks


Japanese millionaires and future tourist space overcame Yusaku Maezawa on Tuesday with the most shared tweet in history.

How did he do it? Quadragenario published on Saturday the Japanese tweet of one million yen (approximately 6 million Chileans), 100 followers here, the message is here on Monday night.

Monday afternoon 5.55 million retweetss, his message was placed in the most shared position, according to employers.

"The new world record has been exceeded. I've exceeded the number of copies of Twitter (up to 3.55 million) and people continue to"Yusaku Maezawa wrote in his account.

The previous record was established in 2017 according to the American American wishing to win annual chicken nuggets dedicated to Wendy food chains.

Last October, Yusaku Maezawa announced Buy a card to travel in space, for a secret space, owned by SpaceX owned by Space in 2023 Elon Musk.

This activator will be built on the BFR rocket, which is built in SpaceX Los Angeles.

Yusaku Maezawa, eight out of eight eight million dollars in Japanese fortune, according to Forbes magazine, was enriched with the brand clothing gallery Zozotown.

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