Sunday , February 5 2023

The lawyer accused of passing by Pazcu Bascuñán and Nicolás López


Among the lawsuits committed by lawyer Bascuñán and Juan Pablo Hermosilla, Nicolás López, the force began yesterday.

The matter was left on Monday on the "Mesa Central" on the T13 radio. Here, Hermosilla said that Bascuñán and her husband, former associates of Nicolás López, had been acquainted with the illegal actions of the director: "Paz Bascuñán and her husband knew each other, and at that level he was normalizing a sketch on his birthday (Lopez) what was being done ".

The actor's response was immediate. Through a press release, Bascuñán said: "What is it and what evidence, as Hermosilla told us? If I have a serious precedent against my husband or mine, I ask you to go to court, I do not sit directly because they do not lose an opportunistic lie To support society, I will never accept "I have never accepted, as everyone knows how to work directly with me or my colleagues". I have always acted as a result of excessive connotations of sex or work. She defends the dignity of women that is lacking in truth. "

When Paz Bascuñán finished his statement, "the truth means that the trial of judges will prevail, even if they are going against the main preventive current".

As expected, Hermosilla received a glove and "I wanted to see the same thoughts and illusions to defend justice and ethics when they forbade me to defend and punish women and their elderly". his friend Nicolás ".

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