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"The Lion King": 7 unusual events about the original movie [VIDEOS y FOTOS] Trade | lights

Disney The "Lion King" rematch trailer released a bit of nostalgia. Thousands of social networking users expressed their emotion in advance.

New movie "El León Rey" Will be released in July 2019. The wait is long and that's why we will review a few episodes about the original Disney movie version.

1. Prizes

Movie of "El León Rey" Peru premiered on July 8, 1994. This film won two Oscars with its soundtrack and Golden Globe film, comedy or best music category.

2. Title

The original movie "The Beasts of King" would be called. He later became the "Jungle King" and was named "The Lion King". Remember that the first original film produced Disney.

3. Made in Japan

"The Lion King" is an inspiration for Japanese "Kimba, Lion White" anime. Japanese animation, mythical Osamu Tezuka, was the founder of Astroboy.

4. Sway and meerkat

Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella, Timón and Pumba, respectively. The director decided that the voices were very entertaining and that they would leave Timon and Pumbaa.

5. Secret life

The song "Hakuna Matata" was originally called "The Lion King". The first topic he thought was that eating insects. African-made trips produced and music makers created a legendary song.

6. Challenges

The sixth sequence was three years old. The scene had to be run with a new computer program to encourage several characters or animals at the same time.

7. Dobraketa

The "The Lion King" was surprised and pleasing to Disney. Zulu animated film was the first Zulu movie to be released in Africa.

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