Wednesday , January 20 2021

The man has sued Burger King for his promises and for his freedom to live.

A man from the United States of Oregon filed a lawsuit against the courts Burger King feeds the chain of food to "keep his promise" to release it all life, after being trapped in the toilet from his premises.

The Deputy, Curtis BroonerAt the age of 50, at the Multnomah County Circuit Court, in general, according to him,The US chains unilaterally broke the promise made by the local leader.

The events took place on December 15th More than an hour in the bathrooms at the Brooner restaurant Until the locksmith helped him.

"It's a typical spot where you need to have your breath: as soon as you can leave and exit. But that was not impossibleHe told the local newspaper "Oregon" that he said he was "urinating like urine" to leave the bathroom.

Then, he was the local director himself, as compensation "free lifestyles "The proposal approved by Brooner and, from that moment on, Every day he ate at the restaurant 13 days, sometimes twice a day.

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But after the thirtieth day, the staff said to him He ordered the settlement of the Burger King district to end the deal.

What Brooner now asks for justice The chain of restaurants meets the original promise of local leaders And you can eat it free whenever you want or at least give it a one-week meal to the rest of your life.

His lawyer Michael Fuller thinks Brooner has spent 22 years until he is 72 years old, Burger King would have to spend about $ 9,000 each week free Whopper burger.

"In this case, they may be fun things, but it's not fun to get caught in a cold and dull bathroom for an hour. It's the honor. They said" The next meal is free, "and that would be, but that was not the offer for me."The Court concluded.

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